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Hello and thanks for visiting my site.  I’m a pianist, keyboardist, teacher and product demonstrator who lives and works in Coventry with my beautiful wife, Kate.  She is an amazing teacher and runs an incredible piano school in the area.  I am Assistant Principal and Creative Director at Nexus Institute of Creative Arts and love working with the students and staff there.  I’m privileged to be a Nord Artist and am a keen promoter of Nord keyboards – they are a great bunch of guys and produce great keyboards!  I am a demo musician for Nord and specialise in all Stage and Piano models.  I have demo’d these products for Nord at NAMM, Musikmesse and their factory in Stockholm, Sweden.  I love crafting sounds on the Stage 2/3 and if you are a Nord User you can download my patches here or contact me to request a patch – I’d love to help out if I can.  I also offer training (beginner to advanced) for anyone who wants help getting more out of their Nord.  I am a ROLI artist and feel privileged to be associated with this amazing company and their products.  Do check them out and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

The Path Album Artwork


My debut instrumental album, ‘The Path’, is a fusion of my musical influences, featuring a blend of jazz, classical and film music. It is available to stream or purchase on all major platforms.



I am privileged to be a demo musician for Nord and over the last few years I have had opportunities to demonstrate new products at NAMM, Musikmesse and as part of distributor training days at Nord HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.  I offer specific training on the Nord Stage and Nord Piano (all models) for beginners through to advanced, professional users.  Training can also include detailed information on how to use the Nord Sound and Sample managers.  As well as Nord product training you can also contact me if you are interested in piano tuition.  I specialise in teaching theory, chords, improvisation, playing by ear and popular music styles. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


March 4, 2020

First Light – The Path

This original, trio composition is from my instrumental album, ‘The Path’. The track features Joel Stevens on drums and was filmed and recorded live at One Nation Studios in Warwick. I am playing a Schimmel K230T – a 7ft5 concert grand with an incredibly warm, rich tone and a beautiful touch and sustain. I love it!

‘The Path’ is available to stream or purchase on all major platforms.

July 31, 2017

Nord Stage 3 Bundles Now Available

I’m pleased to say that patches for the Nord Stage 3 are now available!  Due to different architecture in the Stage 3 it is not possible to use sound/bundles from the Stage 2/2EX.  I will be recreating all the bundles that currently exist, as well as recreating new ones for both the Stage 2/2Ex and the Stage 3. To see all available patches please visit my online store. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any specific requests.

Here is a short video demoing one of the new features in the Stage 3.

March 30, 2015

Classic Hooks 2 SPECIAL OFFER

I’ve given these patches a slight 2017 refresh to get them sounding even better.  You can now download all the patches I used to create this video at a special reduced price!

Following the popularity of the first ‘Classic Hooks’ video I decided, after lots of requests, to do another. We had great fun putting this together and it was a good challenge programming some of these sounds.  It was also great to work with some awesome musicians and colleagues from Nexus Institute of Creative Arts.

May 8, 2015

Classic Hooks Dance SPECIAL OFFER

The Video features sounds programmed on the Nord Stage 2, Nord A1 and Nord Drum 2. Listen loud, turn up the bass and enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Due to a number of requests I’ve made every patch used in this video available as one bundle for a special, reduced price.  All the pianos have been replaced with clarinets for a quicker download and install – I used the ‘Bright Grand’ for all the patches that require piano.  I love these songs and really enjoy these patches – I hope you have fun with them too!

June 3, 2016

Nord Stage 3 Tutorials

I’ve put together a series of eight video tutorial to help users get to know the new features of the Nord Stage 3:

1. Overview
2. Seamless Transtions
3. Zones, Splits & Crossfades
4. Morph Assign
5. Song Mode
6. Synth Section
7. 10 Handy Tips Pt.1
8. 10 Handy Tips Pt.2

You can watch all eight videos on the official Nord YouTube Channel. I hope you find them helpful!

March 8, 2016

Demoing for Nord @ NAMM 2016

We had another great time in LA playing at the Nord booth for this years NAMM show.  As a big MJ fan this was particularly fun and unashamedly self indulgent…  Using the Stage 2 EX (88&73) and the Lead A1 we had a great time using Nord to recreate some classic keyboard parts and synth sounds.  Enjoy!

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Thanks for visiting my downloads section!  Here you can download bundles for the Nord Stage 2, 2 EX and the new Nord Stage 3.  Please check carefully to ensure the bundle you are downloading is compatible with your model.  All audio demo’s below are direct recordings from the Nord.  I also take requests so contact me if you need a patch creating for a specific song and I will do my best to help you out.  To see all available downloads visit my gumroad page. Happy browsing!  

May 15, 2019

New Downloads & Demo’s Available

I’m pleased to say I have a range of new downloads available for the Nord Stage 3, as well as new patch demos. Visit my online store to browse all available downloads and please Subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with new patches and demos!

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February 8, 2018

Classic Hooks 2 bundle for NORD STAGE 3

Thanks to all who have gotten in touch requesting this bundle!  I’m pleased to say it is now ready, with a number of additions and improvements, for the Nord Stage 3.

This bundle includes:
1. Rather Be – Intro strings
2. Rather Be – Synth, Piano (control pedal) & Octave Piano (Wheel)
3. Another Part of Me
4. Just Dance
5. Fireflies
6. Dangerous – Piano & Strings (control pedal)
7. Dangerous – Synth and Synth Strings
8. California Gurls (pre chorus via control pedal)
9. 1999
10. Party Rock Anthem
11. We Found Love (synth via control pedal)
12. Locked Out of Heaven (Samples)
13. Locked Out of Heaven (Synth)

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February 4, 2018

NEW! Nord Stage 3 Bundles Available Now

The following tracks (with more coming soon) are now available for the Nord Stage 3.  You can download them for just 0.99 here.

Nord Stage 3 Bundles

  • Your Song – Rita Ora
  • Symphony – Clean Bandit
  • 24K Magic – Bruno Mars
  • A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay
  • What About Us – Pink
  • Love on Top – Beyonce
  • Shape of You – Ed Sheeran
  • Superstition – Stevie Wonder
  • Fix You – Coldplay
  • Rock With You – MJ
  • I Wish – Stevie Wonder
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – JT

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April 21, 2017

NEW! Shape of You – Ed Sheeran (Nord Stage 2/2EX Bundle)

Such a simple hook – but so catchy!  The EQ is a little brighter on this patch in order to cut through a mix but you could get it closer to the original with a little less treble and less reverb.  Enjoy!

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February 8, 2017

NEW! 24K Magic – Bruno Mars (Nord Stage 2/2EX Bundle)

This tune has some awesome keys sounds in it!  This bundle includes the high ‘blippy’ synth in a higher split and the main synth sound for the chords.  The wheel controls a low pass filter so you can get the sound for pre-chorus.  Find yourself a good synth bass player and you’re all set!!

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February 22, 2017

SPECIAL OFFER: Classic Hooks Dance

Due to a number of requests for these patches I have made all of them available as one bundle at a reduced price.  You can check out the original video here!  Included in the bundle are patches for the following tunes:

Rhythm is a Dancer – SNAP!
Children – Robert Miles
Insomnia – Faithless
Encore Une Foi – Sash!
Better off Alone – Alice Deejay
Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
Resurection – PPK
Only Girl in the World – Rihanna
Burn – Ellie Goulding
Summer – Calvin Harris

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February 4, 2017

SPECIAL OFFER: Classic Hooks 2 Bundle

I get a lot of requests for these patches so have made all of them available as one bundle at a reduced price.  I’ve also tweaked some of the patches to get them a little closer to the originals.  You can check out the original video here!  Included in the bundle are patches for the following tunes:

  • Rather Be (Strings)
  • Rather Be (Synth)
  • Another Part of Me – MJ
  • Just Dance – Lady GaGa
  • Fireflies – Owl City
  • Dangerous – David Guetta
  • California Girls – Katie Perry
  • Prince – 1999
  • Party Rock Anthem
  • We Found Love – Rihanna
  • Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

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December 17, 2015

NEW: Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars (Nord Stage 2 Bundle)

This bundle includes 2 programs.  The first has the samples ‘dos’ in a lower zone with the synth in the higher zone (after touch adds the vibrato).  Program 2 has the synth in the lower zone and brass in the higher zone.  The speed on the glide is also set so if you activate legato mode on the synth sound you can achieve the rising portamento effect that builds into the chorus.  Just remember to quickly turn legato/mono off before you play the chorus!

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April 25, 2015

FEATURED: Love on Top – Beyonce (Nord Stage 2 Bundle)

This is a big tune!  This bundle includes the iconic Yamaha DX7 in the lower split and the synth lead patch in the upper.  Just quickly move from chords to the pitch stick and you can play both keys parts no problem.  Bring the beat in…

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May 8, 2015

FEATURED: Rather Be – Clean Bandit (Nord Stage 2 Bundle)

This song has been so popular I thought I had to have a go at creating some patches for it.  There are two bundles here so you are actually downloading a zip file.  You will find a strings patch and the synth lead.  All you’d need to do is switch to piano at some point and you are all set…

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April 4, 2015

FEATURED: Aquarium – Camille Saint-Saens (arr. Matt Cossey)

I love this piece of music so decided one day to come up with an arrangement for solo piano – you can check it out here.  If you like the sound of it and would like to learn it yourself please go ahead and download the score!  I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do.

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